2023 Orientation of University of Huddersfield College of FNU2023-10-16 Prof. Chen Jingming’s Team Makes New Progress in Research on Effects of Forest Age on Forest Carbon Sinks2023-10-12 Ouyang Songying’s Research Team Makes New Progress in Understanding Cas12g’s Molecular Mechanism within the CRISPR-Cas System for Cleaving RNA Substrates2023-10-12 FNU Alumnus Dr. Chen Zhijian awarded the Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize2023-09-30 FNU Co-sponsored the 16th Forum of the World Association for Political Economy2023-09-30 FNU Professor Li Jianping Wins the Marxian Economics Award2023-09-30 Prof. Wang Mingzi's Research Team Achieves Breakthroughs in Treating Eel Aquaculture Wastewater2023-09-25 Consul General of Portugal in Guangzhou Ana Cordeiro and Her Delegation Visit FNU2023-09-25 FNU’s Micro-Mesoporous Materials and Green Catalysis Team Makes Significant Progress in the Research on Methane Combustion Over Catalysts2023-09-25 Nobel Prize Winner Michael Levitt Visits FNU2023-09-15 Professor Chen Xingwei's Research Team Achieves Breakthroughs in Understanding Microplastic Aggregation in Estuarine Waters2023-09-15 Prof. Zhu Hu’s Team Makes Great Strides in the Research on Multifunctional Antimicrobial Materials2023-09-15 FNU’s Research Group for Tree Species Diversity and Forest Ecosystem Functions Makes Significant Progress in the Field 2023-09-06 Prof. Chen Guannan's Team Makes New Progress in the Field of Semi-Supervised Graph Neural Network Modeling for Gene Expression2023-09-06